About us

Our core team is made of experts with decades of experience in the advertising material production, marketing and public relations. With extensive experience in the advertising industry, we are able to provide our customers with thought-through solutions that help them reach their advertising goals in the right place, at the right time and at no unnecessary cost.

The SprintLab team not only ensures the growth of our clients but also provides a workplace for active young people who can and want to pursue a career in advertising. We share knowledge and experience with them in exchange for innovation and youth enthusiasm. Together, it forms a diverse team that excels in regular daily projects and isn’t afraid to take on extraordinary challenges.


Our work principles:

  • We prepare design options with additional explanation;
  • We delve into the task and offer our suggestions;
  • We understand the need of commercial design market and create advertisements that work;
  • We know the production process, so we create feasible designs;
  • We believe that good ideas and creative processes should be done in the shortest possible time;
  • We only take on projects for which we can provide added value and for which we have complete information (the aim of the product/ad, format, quality standards, etc.) in order to provide the best possible offer to our customers.
Brands like Merrild, Lavazza, Maxima Latvija, Cēsu Alus, Bioefekts, Procter & Gamble and many Scandinavian companies appreciate the work, quality, speed and affordable pricing offered by the SprintLab agency.