Calendar making

Making calendars, we are observing the principles:

the calendar must be functional and comfortable to use
we use material useful to print a calendar economic
well-considered calendar design and good photomaterial choice

Calendar Types

Wall calendar types:

  • wall calendars – two-piece, three-piece and quadruple
  • wall calendars with glued month blocks- for easy sending by mail
  • wall calendars on 2 mm cardboard base
  • non-standard wall calendars

Table calendar types:

  • A6 format table calendars, size 15x12cm, triangle cardboard base
  • A5 format table calendars, size 20x15cm, triangle cardboard base
  • non-standard table calendars

Different types of calendars:

  • pocket calendars
  • the diary – planners
  • calendars with magnets for metallic surfaces
    poster calendars
  • tear-off table and wall calendars

Making of economic calendars

Economic class table and wall calendars are highly requested. Focus is on the base design of calendar, but each month page is produced from the standard prepared months blocks.

Agency SprintLab provides full development cycle for calendars, starting from design to production. Fast deadlines and quality guarantee.