Christmas gifts 2017

The sweet reindeer

Small and large size

A Christmas symbol that is known by everyone – the little ones and the grownups.
This time in a more colorful and tastier form, filled with various candies of your choice:

Choose the filling:

Large colorful chewing candy

Small colorful chewing candy

Chocolate candy

Mix of nuts and dried fruit

Candied fruit

The cocoa Reindeer

Small size

Filled with contents for preparing a hot cocoa drink – for several persons or for several times of enjoying the beverage. Also included – a mug that can be reused afterwards.



Sweet pastilles

The Latvian Reindeer

Small and large size

Filled with grey peas – a classic of the Latvian national cousine. A recipe for preparing the peas may be added. A great gift for foreign cooperation partners, who are interested in learning more about our culture.


Grey peas

Honey Apple

Apples and bee honey – a tasty and aesthetically pleasing gift – healthy, tasty and beautiful in its simplicity.

Consists of:


Latvian apples

The Christmas Surprise

Beautiful packaging with dear and tasty gifts – crispy and sweet flavored gingerbread, mulled wine that creates a feeling of festivity, tasty candy and healthy honey for everyday use… Combine and choose the contents and packaging of the gift yourself!

The possible contents of the gift set:
1. Mulled wine
2. Candy
3. Candied fruit
4. Honey
5. Gingerbread
6. Other contents of your choice

Types of packaging:

Cardboard box

Wicker basket

Wooden box

The Collective Apple Dessert

Healthy and sufficient for the entire personnel – apples grown in Latvia, packaged in wicker basket or wooden box. A greeting card can be added, as well as a logo and/or a wish on the packaging.

Choose the packaging:

Wicker basket

Wooden box

Cardboard box with a ribbon

Joy brings joy

  • It is possible to personalize gifts according to your wishes and within the possible gift personalization options – small card, stamp, sticker, label, recommended uses (a recipe) etc.
  • Ask your project manager for a price offer or send your question to