Packaging design and production of packaging

Well-chosen base colour, shape and design for your product to make it easily visible between competitors and to fulfil one of the main functions of the packaging.

  • Packaging design – a service which has three main directions:
    Improving the existing package with additional elements – campaign design, festive packaging;
  • Rebranding – a partial or complete modernization of the main logo elements and current packaging design;
  • New product design – complete cycle of package development, establishment of the trademark, the creation of packaging construction, development of designs textual information.

Creating packaging design at SprintLab agency – your benefit will be visually appealing and easy to use package that will fulfil its functions.

The main things that you will receive:

  • advice on the best type of printing technique
  • tastefully highlighted the strengths of your product in the packaging design
  • production of the sample for an excellent outcome

Improved packaging design – it is an opportunity to increase product sales.
Ask the SprintLab agency, we will help you with fresh ideas!