Innovative device in the retail fruit cutting – fruit cutter

A successful collaboration between two Latvian and Norwegian companies has led to the development of an excellent solution for mechanising a rather complex and time-consuming process for supermarket food processing departments. It is a watermelon slicer, which is a useful addition to food supermarkets.

In this article, we will find out more about what a watermelon and fruit cutter is and what its main functions are in facilitating the daily work of grocery stores.

Watermelon cutter for efficient work in the shop

The main goal of every supermarket is to do its job quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. When it comes to cutting fruit and vegetables, the watermelon cutter comes to the rescue. It is a way to quickly and safely cut large fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces.

After extensive testing at retail level, the concept of the Fruit cutter was perfected, and it consists of these main principles:

  • Safety – the large round fruit does not have to be cut on the table
  • Time efficiency – the cutting of the fruit becomes much quicker
  • Precision – all the slices are exactly the same size

The fruit cutter has gained a lot of interest in the retail industry, which resulted for hundreds of Fruit cutters being sold in the European market. Companies are currently planning to sell the Fruit cutter worldwide.

An inovative product of Latvia and Norway

The product is a result of two international companies working together. Smart Supply – the author of the idea, and SprintLab as the producer of the product.

Smart Supply (Norway), mainly deals with supplying retail chains with various fitting and display items, whereas SprintLab mainly deals with production, design and advertisement.

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