Street food trailer and mobile cafe production

Mobile bistro, pizza truck, bar on wheels- mobile catering is fantastic option even for small bussiness owner to start their journey in food industry. For existing market players  (restaraunt chains, petrol stations etc.)- it’s a great/cheap way on how to expand their bussiness.

Advantages of mobile catering :

  • All the equipment is in one place- no need to spend time on setting anything up
  • Ability to be maximally close to customers in events with a lot of people
  • It is easy to change location- trailers are mobile
  • Custom made design and personalised solutions attract people better than regular tents.

The world is changing…

Changes can be seen in every business industry, especially, in food related ones. Getting your meal in a fancy restaurant environment is still very nice expierence but more and more people prefer to quickly  grab their daily dose of calories on their way to somewhere. In every big- sized

event we expect that there is at least one street food vendor who usually attracts a lot of clients.

Street food trailer or food truck – it’s a possibility to be where a lot of people are, great chance to expand to new horizons in food industry.

We offer full service- starting from unique 3D design to finished and equipped mobile trailer.