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Commercial video production – we offer full-service video production starting from your advertising strategy to an off-the-shelf commercial that is ready to be aired on television, published on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.

In order to fulfil our customers‘ wishes, we have an individual approach to each project. In some cases, the video can be produced only by using product photos, but other cases require building an entire cinema city and the video production can last for several days. The most important steps for a successful commercial video production include:

1. Having a clear purpose of the advertising video;
2. Determining the main message of the commercial;
3. Describing the audience;
4. Developing media plan – a list of media channels where the commercial will be published;
5. Defining brand message to assess whether the idea of the commercial meets the brand guidelines.

Our experience shows that it’s a good idea to organize a product photoshoot during the video production so that the material can be later used in printed and digital media. It’s a great way to save on separate product photoshoots as various props, decors and lights are already available at the production location.

The most popular commercial video types are:

  • Animated video – it’s basically a cartoon;
  • Packshot video – a commercial, in which the main focus is on the product packaging;
  • Slideshow video – a cheap and therefore popular way to advertise on social media;
  • Filmed video – commercial with people involved;
  • Video interview – a person is telling about the product.

Video advertising is the most effective and convincing way to inform customers about your product. As the good old saying goes „seeing something once is better than hearing or reading about it a hundred times“.

The budget for commercial video production varies. It might be enough with a small investment if the video is made with a smartphone and edited using free software. Such videos will be great for social media use. However, if you wish to hire popular actors, use special effects, professional lighting and sound equipment, the commercial video production costs can reach even tens of thousands of euros.
Don’t hesitate to use the wide range of opportunities that video can offer to achieve your advertising goals! Thanks to the vast possibilities of the digital world, commercial video production is no longer accessible only for large corporations and brands – it’s an opportunity everyone can benefit from.

Trust your advertising video production to SprintLab – we’ll make sure that your commercial brings you the best results possible.

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