Supermarket newspapers

As the influence of digital media grows, it may seem that promotional booklets have lost their relevance. However, printed materials are still a strong marketing tool – professional and visually appealing promotional booklets can be a very important part of a business marketing strategy in the retail industry. Products have to be strategically placed in the pamphlet and arranged based on consumer habits and what they pay attention to in a specific period. For example, in the summer, the most popular product in a supermarket newspaper will be shashlik, and at Christmas – gingerbread.

A daily, weekly or monthly magazine, brochure or a simple promotional booklet is a product advertisement aimed to encourage customers to choose specific products. The main aspects that need special attention are:

  • Appealing product photography;
  • Design that attracts attention and sells;
  • Easy-to-understand content structure;
  • Appropriate paper and printing;
  • Consistent style and following the guidelines.

Good project management is the key to accomplishing all of the points listed above. If all the requirements are executed in high quality the result will serve as a valuable marketing tool for successful sales.

The most important advantage of a promotional booklet is good quality product photos that require appropriate equipment and knowledge of the composition to display the product at its best angle. Good quality photos are an incentive to buy because of the psychological aspect that triggers the purchase – if the photography is of high quality, the product must be the same. It is very important to show the best features of the packaging or the product itself (edible, drinkable, usable) to encourage the potential customer to relate it to their current needs.

The quality of paper and print is very important because in a way you “kill two birds with one stone” since printed material affects the customer’s two senses – touch and sight. The paper for the booklet has to be chosen correctly so that the product appears in the most natural and best colours – not too dull, dark or unnaturally bright.

Creating a supermarket newspaper requires following certain company guidelines and sometimes – putting creativity aside to prioritize standards. Attention must be paid to specifications, such as the number of products displayed on one page, the pricing placement, the fonts, etc. Consistent adherence to such requirements is particularly important for regular issues. If 15 products were displayed on one page, but only 8 on the next there is a possibility to complicate the reader’s perception and mix up the visual composition.

Good project management and logistics are the technical and invisible side of publishing a supermarket newspaper, and they are also the most time-consuming part. Sometimes there are materials and layouts that already contain images and all that needs to be done is adapt them according to technical requirements.

Tasks to prepare a promotional booklet or supermarket newspaper layout:

  • Creating lists of goods;
  • Delivering products to and from the photo shoot location;
  • Storing food at an appropriate temperature;
  • Storing non-food products in a warehouse;
  • Creating, translating and proofreading texts;
  • Taking product photos;
  • Working on the layout;
  • Preparing materials for printing and handing them over to the printing house.

The main factor for a good result is coordinated and professional teamwork and communication with the customer.

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