Packaging design and packaging production

Packaging design and production

Properly chosen colour, shape and design will make your product stand out among competitors, fulfilling one of the main packaging functions.

Packaging design – There are three types of packaging:

  • existing packaging improvements with additional elements – special design for limited edition products;
  • rebranding – a partial or full modernization of logo and key visual elements for the existing packaging design;
  • new product design – full packaging development cycle, trademark development, packaging design development, copy for product packaging.

Choose your packaging design at agency SprintLab and you will receive visually appealing, functional and easy-to-use product packaging. The service includes:

  • consultation about the best printing technique;
  • highlighting the best qualities of your product in the packaging design;
  • preparing the packaging samples to achieve an excellent result.

Improved packaging design gives you an opportunity to increase product sales.

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