Sales & marketing lottery management

A lottery is still an effective marketing and sales tool to promote goods. Participation in a lottery is an adventure that can help increase sales for both “aged” and new products on the market.

Sales & marketing lottery management requires a relatively large investment. We offer various lottery and campaign mechanisms and can coordinate lottery rule approval with the local Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection. Our team will also take care of all other steps from designing the campaign, coordinating the lottery process with retail chains, and ordering promotional materials for stores.

Steps we make to create a successful marketing lottery:

  • defining the idea of the lottery and choosing the most suitable mechanism for it – SMS registration, web registration or another way of registration;
  • forming the best prize fund and purchasing prizes;
  • developing lottery rules and coordinating documentation and lottery procedure with the local Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection;
  • designing and coordinating advertising materials with retail chains;
  • producing advertising materials to inform customers in stores;
  • developing a special website for the lottery;
  • monitoring lottery registrations and filtering dishonest applications;
  • establishing information system to answer lottery participants’ questions;
  • determining lottery winners;
  • contacting the winners and coordinating the prize awards;
  • awarding the winners in our office;
  • preparing documentation after the end of the lottery in accordance with the regulations of the Gambling Supervisory Inspection.

The Law on Lotteries of Goods and Services must be observed when organizing marketing lotteries. The most important points are as follows:

  • To receive a lottery permit an application with attached documents must be submitted to the Inspection 2 months before the lottery starts.
  • The Inspection makes a decision on granting a lottery permit within 30 days after receiving all the necessary documents.
  • It is also possible to receive a permit under an accelerated procedure – within 10 days after receiving all the necessary documents.
  • The lottery permit fee is set at 25% of the prize fund plus € 47 if the documents are processed under an accelerated procedure.
  • The recipient of the lottery permit pays the state fee for the issuance of the lottery permit until the beginning of the lottery.
  • When granting the lottery permit, the Inspection also approves the lottery rules of goods or services.
  • Lottery of goods or services advertisements must contain the lottery permit number and lottery rules for goods or services.
  • The winners of the lottery are determined publicly.
  • If the lottery prize fund is more than 10 000 euros, a representative of the Inspection has to be present when determining the winners.
  • It is forbidden to organize lotteries in which persons may participate by gambling, as well as by purchasing any alcoholic beverages, anything related to smoking, medicine and energy drinks.
  • Violation of the lottery procedure is subject to a fine of up to one hundred and forty fine units.
  • For organizing a lottery without the Inspection’s permission, fines of up to two hundred and eighty fine units are imposed.

More information about the rules of organizing lotteries can be found here:

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